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"Empowering Veterans who have symptoms of PTSD, through services that unlock their full potential, inspire personal growth, encourage community integration, and support their ability to re-enter the workforce and achieve lifelong success."

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Introducing Veterans’ Heat Factory, a 501c3 organization formed to serve our local veterans community. Veterans are not charged for services.

“The right hand should not know what the left hand gives,” so we were taught. And it is good advice considering that philanthropy often becomes an exercise in self-advancement, gaining tax advantages or showmanship. Well, with due homage to our great teachers who gave us this homily, we should change all that. As the internet age ushers in times of transparency and sharing of knowledge, we should ensure that not only the right-hand knows what the left hand gives but also, all hands should know the same. All hands, eyes, ears, and hearts. As long as this does not become an exercise in egoistic publicity, this sharing of knowledge and activities can have a cumulative effect.

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