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A Message from the Founder, Gus Guadagnino

I’ve been Chairman of the Board of K9 Partners For Patriots (K9P4P) for the last three years. This program has made a huge positive difference in the life of hundreds of veterans suffering with PTSD.  K9P4P is very successful with lessening the symptoms of veterans suffering with PTSD, and in the process increase their sense of self-worth and self-esteem.  After speaking to a few veterans 6 and 12 months after they graduated, I realized that WE needed to do more for our veterans. WE cannot just assist them in lessening their trauma symptoms, and help them in improving their self-esteem, they need assistance in moving forward, to improve their lives.  They currently have no support system that would reach out to them, no one to prepare them to move forward, and provide the path to do so.  I had the thought that there are many private resources in our community who can provide these services to help a veteran.  It is my strong belief that although our government was the one that sent our brave Warriors into harm’s way, they did not go for the government, they went to defend every citizen of America, and now they need the American citizens to step up for them, our American Veterans.

The Veterans HEAT Factory takes the veterans suffering with PTSD through a physical fitness program combined with weekly modules addressing topics such as health and wellness, managing anxiety, managing anger, improving communication and relationships, and finally exploring with each individual veteran what they would like to do with their lives and resources they may need to achieve this. Many will never be able to work fulltime again, that doesn’t mean they have nothing to contribute to their communities.  Maybe they would like to volunteer in the community, some may be able to move forward by returning to school, and some will have the ability to work fulltime again. Providing these amazing individuals with a life purpose is the reason for the Veterans HEAT Factory.  


Gus Guadagnino

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