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The HEAT Factory is a free, 14-week program for Veterans with PTSD. 


Module 1: Introduction to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the HEAT Factory

Module 2: Health and Wellness (1): Exercise and Nutrition

Module 3: Managing Anxiety (1)

Module 4: Sleep Hygiene

Module 5: Managing Anger

Module 6: Managing Relationships (1): Trust and Self-Awareness

Module 7: Managing Relationships (2): Communication

Module 8: Managing Relationships (3): Relationship and Social Skills

Module 9: Health and Wellness (2): Nutrition

Module 10: Substance Abuse Information

Module 11: Budgeting and Finance

Module 12: Health and Wellness (3): Self-Care

Module 13: WIOSIYM (What is Occupying Space In Your Mind)

Module 14: Moving Forward, Where Do You Want to Go:
                   - Community Projects
                   - Mentoring
                   - School
                   - Job Training
                   - Completing a Resume
                   - Job Interview Preparation 


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