When the VA gets you Down, add some HEAT to the fire.

Dealing with the VA is hard. Dealing with the VA alone is insane. Veterans need help navigating the bureaucratic mess. When I say help I don’t mean assistance in filling out forms or logging into websites. We were in the military, we can do that. Where we need support is the time after the claim is filed. After the claim has been denied; or we get an initial award of X% yet try to appeal for an increase. Then comes the years of fighting…the doctor appointments…the countless VA letters who seem to contradict each other. It's times like this when veterans really want to throw in the towel and give up, take the rejection or the low compensation rating. Frankly, the VA wants you to give up too. Having support of family and/or friends to keep you going is crucial. It’s the only way to fight the VA. Veterans can’t go it alone. Getting a good VA attorney is helpful too. Let a lawyer fill out the paperwork and do the heaving hitting for you. Honestly, the waiting is the hardest part of the ordeal. Once the paperwork is filled out and the exams have been completed…the waiting commences. Long terminal waiting. Then…more waiting. The bottom line, veterans need support in navigating the VA process. Here at the Veterans HEAT Factory we can help veterans with their claim, whether it is initial, or ratings increase. While we are NOT certified VSO’s, we can help point you in the right direction, assist with paperwork, and help find other agencies and VA lawyers that can help you further. Best of all it's free…and…like a good battle buddy, we got your 6.

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