Cole is a SURVIVOR "in the works" of PTSD.


My name is Cole and I was in law enforcement for almost 19 years. This was a wonderful career and I worked with some of the best people that walk the face of this earth. During my career, I developed chronic PTSD and was diagnosed in 2016. In 2018 I suffered a mental breakdown where I was forced to resign my position as Detective (11 years) at the local sheriff's office. Since then, I have made it my goal to get help for those First Responder's (Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue, EMS, Forensics or Dispatcher's) who may be suffering as I was/am. When I attempted to get help, I was just labeled as an alcoholic but when I went to treatment, I was told that I did not meet the criteria of an alcoholic. PTSD was not acknowledged by my agency, even after HR being notified by the psychologist I was seeing who was reporting directly to my agency. This is not a slam session, this is just part of my testimonial. I was introduced to The Veteran's HEAT Factory by State Representative Blaise Ingoglia. During my first encounter with The Veteran's HEAT Factory, I found this to be geared towards our wonderful military veterans but there was no emphasis or talk about help for our First Responder's . My family (mother, wife and three boys) and I approached and asked about help for those of us that fight the war on the streets, right here at home. We were welcomed with open arms and since then we have started a FIRST RESPONDERS help group/program (free of charge) for those that have or may have PTSD, before they hit rock bottom and lose everything. I ask with all of my Heart that you please seek help and obtain the much needed treatment/counseling that you need and deserve!!!!!!!!! Please reach out to me if you have any questions or just need to talk or vent.

Thank you to ALL FIRST RESPONDERS from the bottom of my Heart,

Ex-Major Case Detective Cole Brinson

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